Monday Ladies League

Countryside Golf Club


We encourage beginners to come and play in this 9 hole league. 
Golfers of all abilities are welcome!  

We currently have a wonderful mix of players both new beginners to the sport and seasoned pros every week.  

Its a wonderful opportunity to learn the sport in a social, non-competitive, FUN atmosphere. 

League Schedule 

May 18th thru August 17th
12 Weeks of Play* subject to change

Ladies Tee off at 5 PM

With two Mondays off:  May 25th Memorial Day observed and July 6th (for July 4th Weekend) 
(Leaving two weeks August 24th and 31st for rain dates/make up play if needed)

​League play schedule begins on Monday, May 18th 

**WE will be PLAYING Monday JULY 6th at 5 pm***