Countryside Golf Club


The season will begin on Tuesday May 5th with a 2 person scramble and matches begin the following week May 12th. 

League season runs until Labor Day with Playoffs and season ending Banquet in September.

Check back here for weekly League standings.

$50 League Fee 
$30 Handicap Fee

If you do not have a partner we can find one for you.
If you can not commit to playing a full season, please consider joining the “sub list”.

Weekly Format:

Format - Two person teams play match play with each hole worth 2 points. Play is based on handicap with low player playing to scratch. For example, If Carl is a 2 handicap and his partner Steve is a 4 handicap and they are playing against Rory - 6 handicap and Tiger - 6 handicap, Under this format Steve would get 2 shots and Rory and Tiger would each get 4 shots.


Each team will accumulate points throughout the season.  The top percentage teams will make the playoffs… Subs are not allowed during the playoffs. Playoffs will begin after Labor Day.


Handicaps are based on your last 10 rounds played in men’s league and your Ghin. Your average score over par, less 90% will be calculated for your handicap.  Example:  Average score over par 8.8.    90% of 8.8 = 7.92   Handicap = 8.  You may use your ghin scores as an extra option until you have 2 scores posted for your league handicap.  Double bogey is the highest score you can make for handicap purposes only.  If everyone in the group is slashing it around on a hole, keep playing for the win. If there is someone in the group without a handicap, record your scores on the card and the golf shop will figure out the match following your round.  We need to have everyone play at least 1 men’s club round in the first two weeks of league. 

No Show:

Your team must have at least 1 player show up for league each week.  Subs will always be available if you need another player.  If your entire team can’t make it, you will receive 0 points for that week.  The team you were scheduled to play against will play against the course and are guaranteed a minimum of 4 ½ points.

Weekly Game:

Each week we have a closest to the pin and an optional "skins game" - format for skins is point quota.

Point Quota format:  
The goal is to reach above your Quota and your Quota is based on 18 minus 9 hole handicap. For example, If Carl is a 2 handicap / 18 - 2 = 16, Therefore Carl's quota is 16. If Carl scores eight pars and a birdie have would 20 points and be +4 for the quota game. 

                            Bogeys       1 point
                            Pars            2 points
                            Birdies         4 points
                            Eagles         8 points



Men’s League Contact Info

The League Tee's off starting around 4 pm.

Check back here for weekly League standings.

Tuesday Twilight League